Our Nooks are constructed to the New Zealand building standard. Built from timber framing and sitting on timber bearers.


All the electrical work is complete with multiple double plug points, LED lighting, dimmer, a small fuse box, ready to connect directly to your services. We also provide an electrical certificate of compliance.


Our Nooks have Eco-Wool for the insulation in the walls and ceiling. We use Expol premium polystyrene insulation under our flooring. Both Expol and EarthWool come with a 50 year warrantee and requires no maintenance.


The standard cladding is board & battern, or Duragroove. An upgraded premium shiplap cladding such as pine, cedar, or Siberian larch is also available. We then paint or stain it with your preferred colour of choice.


Our standard Nooks come with carpet interior and concrete look vinyl in the bathroom. Concrete slab tiles are used for the decks. There is the ability to upgrade to concrete slab tiles which run from the interior, through to the exterior, wooden laminate flooring, artisan plaster concrete finish flooring.

Sliding door

We provide a full height stacker sliding doors that are double glazed with black aluminium framing, featuring a recessed handle. The sliding door opens to the centre, however we can adjust the opening direction to suit your property.


Our windows and doors are double glazed with black aluminium framing. The doors feature a recessed handle. The window at the back opens to offer airflow and ventilation. Negative detailing available as an add on.


The interior is plaster and painted white, however you can change to a plywood interior, featuring plywood walls and ceiling which is then triple coated with a Resene clear polyurethane.

Negative detail

Our aim was to provide cabins and transportable homes with architectural design elements. Therefore, you are able to add black negative detailing around the flooring, windows and doors for a powerful design look.


Our roofing is black colour steel. An internal gutter is an optional add on, which falls into a customised Nook dropper.


Some of our smaller Nooks have the ability to have an enclosed deck space along the front, providing a shelter and outdoor space to enjoy. Alternatively, increase your interior width for more liveable space inside.


Almost all Nooks come complete with a spacious bathroom. Featuring black designer tapware, custom designer vanity, in-wall toilet system and a large 1.2m walk in shower.

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