Hideaway Nook

$25,650.00 +gst
Hideaway Nook

Hideaway Nook

$25,650.00 +gst

Nook specialises in architecturally inspired prefab and transportable homes, cabins, and minor dwellings. Our Nooks are all built with high quality, premium products. 

The Original Nook is classed as a 10m2 cabin, however overall it is a 13.6m2 cabin, as the enclosed deck space is not regulated by the council. Therefore, because of its unique design you get a full 10m2 with your four main walls. This means more space without any council consent!

The Original Nook is small enough to fit into almost any garden or next to any house but feels spacious and luxury and features a deck space to enjoy the sunshine.  The Original Nook is perfect for creating extra space for a bedroom (get the kids out the house), office space, yoga retreat,  gym, studio or guest room. 

*Please note, all of our Nooks can be customised to suit you and your property

Price for standard Nook: $25,650 +gst

*The interior and exterior features and inclusions are listed below in the Specifications section*

Add ons available include: Premium Shiplap Cladding, Cedar Cladding, Negative Detailing, Concrete Slab Tile Flooring.


Interior Measurements: 2.4 x 3.6m. Overall Measurements: 3.8 x 3.6m

Building Materials

Plywood & Batten, or Duragroove Cladding 

Painted black Resene CoolColour

Profiled COLORSTEEL® roofing

Contructed from H3.2 & H1.2 timer framing

EarthWool insulation in the walls and ceiling

Expol premium underfloor insulation 

Carpet flooring for the interior


Transportable & Modular design

Includes steel skids for easy transportation

Plywood & Batten, or Duragroove Cladding (Pine Shiplap shown in photos)

Fuse box, and caravan plug point

Black box spouting.

Enclosed deck space with concrete slab tiles


Double glazed aluminium joinery

Plaster & Paint, or upgrade to plywood interior throughout

2x double plug points

LED lighting and dimmer

Black light fittings and plug points

Electrical Certificate

Key benefits or USP

At Nook Homes, quality and intricate detail come as standard

  • Full 10 sqm Internally

    The Hideaway Nook was designed to maximise small space without needing consent. Adding an extra bedroom, office or studio has never been easier. The hideaway offers a full 10sqm internally plus a 1m enclosed deck space. 

  • Enclosed Deck

    An enclosed deck space to maximise space! The Hideaway Nook feels spacious and offers additional space to enjoy the sunshine, and provide shelter when raining.

  • Modern Cladding

    We use board and pattern cladding. We then apply 3 coats of paint, using Resene CoolColour, which is new technology to keep darker colours cooler in the heat. 

  • No Consent Needed

    The Original Nook is classed as a 10m2 unit. Therefore, you do not need any council consent or permissions.