Who is behind Nook Homes? 

How did the Nook Journey Begin?

You save a life time to buy your first home. When you are finally ready to buy a home there is so much pressure to make the right choice. It will be a home or land that you could potentially live in for a long time, if not a life time. 

Jade & Brad (Pictured above) were ready to buy their first home. They found the perfect piece of land. The piece of land was a well established piece of paradise, however it unfortunately had a fire damaged cottage, so the bank requested that Jade & Brad put something on the land.  

So the hunt began, looking for the perfect prefab/modular minor dwelling that they were able to live in until they were able to build the main house. Expectations were high as they set out to find a minor dwelling that was stylish and high quality without costing the earth! 

With no success, the ideas started flowing. What if New Zealand had access to modern, prefabricated minor dwellings! 

What is those minor dwellings were stylish, customisable, affordable, architectural and high quality? 

Then Nook was born.

Jade & Brad started to design their first little Nook, the Hideaway Nook. So, they set out to build the first Nook in a shed. Rushing to the Auckland Home Show as the first launch, it was a success! The feedback from everyone was incredible. They left the home show feeling driven and motivated to take Nook to the next level. 

Jade and Brad had a goal to change the way the prefabricated industry was viewed in New Zealand.

Show New Zealand that Prefab can be architectural, high quality, and unique for an affordable cost. Fast turn arounds, & no cost blow outs!

Brad has an incredible eye for detail and design, so together they began to design a range of Nooks, and slowly it has continued to grow.  Keeping a focus on the details of each design, using only high quality materials.

Moving into their first factory space in Waimauku, they quickly out grew the space & have since moved to a new location in Kumeu.  

No denying, it has been a absolute roller coaster of a journey. An incredible journey this far!

A main focus for both Brad & Jade has been to keep Nook a family run business, bespoke, and high quality designs. Company culture is of utmost importance at Nook Homes to ensure the business grows with the people that make it possible.