Yes, we do have a show home / display Nook. We are located in Kumeu, Auckland. We take viewings by appointment only, so please get in touch to organise an appointment.

We have a Retreat Nook which is one of our smallest studio designs. However, we have a new design studio coming soon, and always have multiple Nooks under construction which you are welcome to look at during your visit.

Please note, we do not give out client addresses due to confidentiality reasons.

Absolutely, Nook offers a full turn key solution for your project. Our team is experienced in full project management services to look after your project from beginning to end.

We would work with you and our architects to create a build and locality plan, then you could simply sit back and wait for the project to be completed. Nook would then manage the plumbers, electricians, site works, driveways, services installations, drain-layers, & consultants, etc.

Yes! We have a highly skilled team of registered licensed building practitioners. Along side our builders, we have a team of registered architects, plumbers, electricians, roofers, & finishing specialists.

All of our Nooks come with a Code of Compliance (CCC) for your Nook ex-factory. This means your Nook will have a consent for the build only. We meet the council requirements for all local councils, nationwide!

However you will still need a Building Consent for your property, which is required from your local council in the region your build will be moved to.

We can assist with your consent process from beginning to end.  Our architects would prepare all documentation for consenting your Nook to your property, lodge to council for a building consent, and manage the application until approval. This is charged out at a fixed cost of $3,800+gst for a standard building consent application.

Additionally, our planning team can complete a feasibility report in the early stages of planning to outline all planning considerations prior to commencing your project. Get in touch to find out more.

Most definitely! Nooks are totally customisable. We love working with our clients to create a Nook that is best suited to our clients needs and properties. Let us know what you have in mind, and your desired budget, and we will work collaboratively to create the perfect Nook with you.

We deliver NATIONWIDE! Thats right, all over New Zealand. Our Nooks are built in Auckland, and transported nationwide.

Nook will organise the transportation for you. However, transportation is not included in our standard pricing. Transport costs are dependant on your location.

Typically we use a combination of low loader trucks to transport Nooks around the country and cranes to lift the Nooks on and off the trucks. This enables us to keep transportation costs very low for our clients.

At Nook, we offer a 15-20 week turn around from building consent issue, depending on the size and finish of the Nook project.

Nook Order Process:

Step 1: We would send an estimate for your preferred Nook & further information required for your planning/budgeting purposes. This includes pre-planning checks such as a feasibility report, transportation/delivery report, etc.

Step 2: We would meet you at our sales/design studio to show you through our show home, current builds, and featured materials/products.

Step 3: Confirm your preferred Nook design and finishings. A contract is prepared and signed.

Step 4: Deposit of 10% is paid, and then we progress with getting your plans completed with our architects, lodge to council, and. await approval (allow 6-8 weeks for this process).

Step 5: Uponcouncil approval, we lock you into our build schedule and give you an estimated completion date. Typically delivery is 15 weeks from building consent issue.

Step 6: We deliver you Nook and fix it to the foundations onsite.

Step 7: You move in, & enjoy your Nook Home!

Yes. Nook is very proud to be able to adjust our designs to suit all New Zealand environments and requirements. All Nooks are built to suit the final destination and meet the local council requirements.

There is additional cost for very & extra high wind zones, coastal/sea spray zones, and snow loading areas. Please contact us for further information.

All Nook Homes come with a Certificate of Compliance for the plumbing and electrical work. Nooks are delivered with a connection point for both plumbing and electrical, ready to be connected to your services onsite.

During construction, typically the onsite services and connection points onsite are prepared, ready for the Nook to arrive and receive the final connection.

For budgeting purposes, we typically recommend allowing an additional $80 – $100,000 for costs such as installing new services onsite (plumbing, water tanks, septic system, drainage), foundations, transportation/delivery, site preparation/earthworks, & consents. Please note, this is a rough guide only for budgeting purposes, some sites may be more of less depending on the site and complexity of the project.

Site preparation will vary from project to project. We use a variety of pile options such as traditional timber piles, or alternative engineered pile systems, such as Stop Digging or Surefoot that provides a non-invasive footing system & little mess/time onsite. Nook would assess the Geotech report for your property and determine the most cost effective and suitable option specific to your property.

Nook will arrange organise the foundations on your behalf. If you need demolitions, excavations, or any other work done before our trucks arrive with your Nook, we can assist by project co-ordinating these works at a reasonable fee.

Most Definitely. We can work with almost any site.

Typically for a sloping site, your foundation costs are higher, due to the required depth and height of your foundations. If your Nook/s sit above 1.2m off the ground for a deck or doorway, you will be required to have a balustrade for safety. Additionally, if your Nook sits above 3m off the ground, you would need a structural engineer to review the building & foundation plans for bracing.

If you are wanting to go off-grid with your Nook, that’s no problem! Solar panels are able to be fitted to your Nook. This is a great way of reducing your footprint and long term power savings. Other features may be rain water tanks, battery storage, & composting off-grid septic systems such as Natural Flow.

Nook offers a variety of heating and cooling options. Options such as electric wall panel heaters, heat pumps/air conditioning systems, fireplaces, gas fires, and underfloor heating, are all available as extras. We will work with you to establish the most suitable energy solution for your project.

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